What do you do? by Ed Wise


Imagine you’re attending a networking group for the first time.  Or maybe you’re at a social engagement or party and you strike up a conversation with someone you’ve never met.  You introduce yourself, shake hands, and one of the next … Continue reading

International Insurance Agents

Have you even been thinking how do the insurance agents work in other economically advanced countries? Another important question would be: “Do you want to be Competitive among other Insurance agents”? Well, you have a great chance to find this … Continue reading

The One Question Waiting for You to Answer


I’m in a networking group in Dallas that meets twice each month. Our group has many types of professions you’d expect in such as group. There’s a realtor, a mortgage loan officer, a property and casualty insurance agent, a CPA, … Continue reading

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Just wanted to take a second and tell you guys thanks for the original call offering your services.. at first just as I told you I was worried you were just another lead company!! In the past 6 months you have proven you’re not on the same level as the other companies!! And you truly get what you pay for!! ROI has continued to go up your lead crediting process is the ONLY fair one in the industry and you truly care about my success !! If any agents want to hear more, please let them know they are free to contact me.
Paul W. Siano, State Farm