How Tattoos Influence Your Job


45 million Americans have tattoos. That’s almost a sixth of the country that has at least one tattoo.  Sure, some of them can be covered up by clothes but some of them are visible.

The rule used to be that professionals didn’t have tattoos because it wasn’t well…professional, but times are changing and work places are becoming more and more tolerant of body art because there are more important things to consider like:

  • The way you speak
  • The way you act
  • The way you appeal to people

When it comes to working at a job that’s rooted in sales, the most important thing that you can be is confident.  Confidence draws people in and makes you appear knowledgeable and trustworthy, two things clients want to see in their insurance agents.

Did you know that  people trust a salesperson in normal attire more than a salesperson in a suit?

Sometimes being way too professional might turn a customer off. At conferences or important business meetings a suit might be the right fashion choice, but when it comes to the client meetings, you can be overdressed. Polished dress shoes, pressed dress pants, and a pressed button down shirt are enough to impress anyone.

A successful insurance agent should have:

  • A sound knowledge of insurance products.
  • The ability to have good rapport with clients.
  • Be able to connect with customers.
  • The ability to dress sharp.

As an insurance agent, your main purpose is to help people; having a tattoo doesn’t change your ability to do that.

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Diane Moore

Diane is a highly-qualified translator of the English, Italian and Spanish languages. She has studied extensively in Italy and Switzerland. She writes about a variety of financial services industries including insurance. She has a love of life and a curiosity that drives her both personally and professionally.

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