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Life insurance leads for agents are a great way for newly formed insurance agencies to build a book of business. But they’re not the only ones who benefit. Life insurance leads are a great way for established agents to grow their business as well.

The tough economy has had a negative impact on most businesses and the insurance industry is certainly one of them. Many consumers have dropped certain lines of coverage as interest rates have remained at near record lows, resulting in low returns on insurance company investments.

It all adds up to a tough time for insurance agents. But all this means is that as an agent you have to market smart. Your advertising and marketing efforts must be on target with little waste. This is where life insurance leads for agents can help.

You can spend a small fortune on radio, television and social media in an attempt to uncover some people who are maybe in the market for life insurance. Or, you can invest wisely in life insurance leads that deliver consumers who are actively in the market for life insurance and deliver to the front door of your business.

These leads are generated by a professional network of insurance websites, where the consumer has taken the time to read and complete an application for life insurance. Consumers do not very often waste their time on websites like this, unless they are serious about buying life insurance.

The beauty of life insurance leads is that the vast majority of consumers who have life insurance, will have other insurance policies as well, including auto, home or renter’s. It is also entirely possible that they have general liability, health insurance or even business insurance.

This presents a golden opportunity for the savvy agent to “pitch” for the other lines of insurance. Each time a new customer makes contact with your agency it’s an opportunity to grow. Sometimes an auto insurance customer is just that. You’re happy to have them of course, but they may not have any other insurance lines. But the opposite is true of a life insurance customer. They will have other policies you may be able to help them with.

This means that by getting one life insurance customer you may write two or three policies. It’s much easier to convert one customer versus having to recruit and sell two or three auto insurance customers to write the same amount of business.

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Life insurance products vary greatly as you know. The needs of the insured determine their type of insurance that is best for them. The average consumer is dependent on their life insurance agent to explain the differences between term and permanent life; universal vs. whole life. Life insurance is confusing to the average consumer.

This process presents an opportunity for life insurance agents to educate and truly help someone as they plan for the financial well-being of their families. Do this job well and you have a loyal, confident new customer.

The key to life insurance leads goes beyond the one life insurance lead. The key is in the whole insurance package that a typical life insurance customer carries. So no matter whether you’re a rookie in the insurance business or a seasoned pro, life insurance leads can play a key role in your marketing efforts.

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